Facilities at the Valletta Design Cluster

The Valletta Design Cluster offers a variety of different facilities. These include:

Central Courtyard

The Central Courtyard is located between the two main blocks of the building, and will be furnished with loose and re-configurable seating facilities to be used for a variety of different purposes, including work, relaxation, exhibitions, meet-ups and more.

Conference Hall

The Valletta Design Cluster is equipped with a Conference Hall having a seating capacity of approximately 80 people


The Foodspace includes a kitchen space, a café area, a nine-station training kitchen, a staff canteen and food storage areas.

International Project Labs

The Valletta Design Cluster includes two International Project Labs, located in two townhouses adjacent to the main site, offering self-catering living facilities to practitioners-in-residence.

Roof Garden

The Roof Garden is a new public green lung for Valletta covering the whole roof area of the building, suitable for relaxation, creative activities and environmental interest.

Coworking Space

The Coworking Space is a room hosting up to twenty co-working stations equipped with desk plug-in services, basic storage, a dedicated small videoconferencing room and a lounge space.


The Makerspace is a workshop equipped with a variety of tools and machines for prototyping in metalworking,woodworking, textiles, electronics, casting and moulding, computer-aided design, CNC milling, cutting, routing, 3D printing and embroidery.

Meeting Rooms

The Valletta Design Cluster is equipped with five Meeting Rooms of various capacities (approx. 10-20 people).


The Valletta Design Cluster is equipped with fifteen Studios, aimed at being a point of reference for creative practitioners using the Valletta Design Cluster on a sustained basis.

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