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The Valletta Design Cluster offers multiple opportunities for their regular members. In addition to our wide range of facilities, members have a rare opportunity to network and engage with people from a variety of disciplines. The Cluster also provides opportunities for the members to engage in workshops and discussions with experts in art, design, making, culinary arts and social impact.

But the Cluster is not just a space to work and develop yourself professionally, we also offer our members a space of respite in this ever-expanding urban landscape. Enjoy a coffee on one of our couches in the courtyard or escape upstairs to our Rooftop Garden, where you will be able to enjoy incredible view of the garden, the sea and the surrounding areas.

Regular Members at the Valletta Design Cluster have access to use a Co-Working Space, six Meeting Rooms of various sizes, a Makerspace equipped for work in wood, metal, textile, electronics and more, a Foodspace consisting of a training and an industrical kitchen and our conference hall, the Friggieri Hall.

Eligible applicants are:

  • Individuals;
  • Students (over 18 years of age);
  • Locally-registered freelancers, start-ups, nano- and micro-enterprises;
  • Locally-registered NGOs and VOs
  • Valletta-based organisations active in the Valletta community;
  • Public entities active in the design, social, environmental, and educational sectors.

Applicants must be engaged in design-related practice, social impact and/or Maker-based practices to be eligible. Click here for Eligibility Criteria.

Individuals/FreelancersNano Enterprise NGOs/VOs/Public EntitiesMicro Enterprise NGOs/VOs/Public EntitiesFull-time StudentsValletta-based Community Organisations
Individuals covered by Membership11 to 56 to 1011 to 10
One-time Admin Fee€20€20€20€20€20
Yearly Membership Fee*€220€220€320Waived€20
Use of facilities per month60 hours60 hours per entity80 hours per entity40 hours40 hours per entity
Use of Friggieri Hall36 hours (in 4-hour slots)36 hours (in 4-hour slots)36 hours (in 4-hour slots)/12 hours (in 4-hour slots)
Contribution to VDC Community**10 hours per year10 hours per year10 hours per yearWaived10 hours per year

* Membership fee does not include costs related to consumption when using consumables or machinery

** Contribution can take many shapes including participation in the regular community meetings and events, meetings with the Valletta Design Cluster, volunteering/assisting other members in their projects and more.

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