About Us

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Based on the legacy of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, the Valletta Cultural Agency’s main responsibilities are as follows:

To create a comprehensive cultural plan for Valletta that is sustainable, inclusive and equitable, and to oversee its implementation

To develop and produce an annual cultural programme for Valletta, also in collaboration with other Public Cultural Organisations, to further stimulate inclusion, access and participation while enabling the development of creative skills

To further support, value and enable traditional cultural community celebrations which are an important part of Valletta’s social fabric

To further encourage broad and equitable distribution of and participation in cultural activities throughout Valletta

To administer funding programmes and budgets in order to assist artists and Public Cultural Organisations based and/or operating in and/or working in Valletta

To commission temporary works of art for public buildings and sites throughout Valletta

To protect and promote Valletta’s cultural and artistic heritage

To establish and uphold standards of excellence for cultural events taking place in Valletta

To coordinate the bidding process for the next European Capital of Culture title for the Maltese Islands

To exercise any other function that may be assigned by the Minister responsible for Culture

Our Mission Statement

The Valletta Cultural Agency (VCA) sustains and strengthens the capital city’s vibrant cultural life through the creation of an annual programme of creative events developed in collaboration with artists and other Public Cultural Organisations.

A legacy of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, the Valletta Cultural Agency also upholds standards of excellence in the coordination and organisation of cultural events in the city, while encouraging access and participation by a diverse audience.

Photo credits: Julian Vassallo


Our Philosophy

A city is both a vessel and a home for its people and their stories; its map is alive, everchanging, collective narrative, told by generations of architects, artists, merchants, craftspeople and residents each with their own ordinary and extraordinary tales. Each with traditions, cares and hopes for the future; their own and that of their city. Since its inception over four centuries ago, Valletta has been this and more; a point of convergence for governance, commerce, culture and the arts.


Through its work and its annual programme, the Valletta Cultural Agency strives to maintain an open dialogue with all of these elements. Designing a cultural programme for a city, rather than a theatre or museum, challenges us every day to engage with the city, its people, users, visitors and admirers.


A multisensory experience in its own right, Valletta is a natural platform for artistic and cultural exchanges that could teach us more about past, present and future societies, their needs and wants, their relationship to art in its different forms, and how those artistic experiences ultimately contribute to their life stories. Each yearly programme is built on the desire to create transformative experiences, to encourage innovation and celebrate traditions with a sensitivity towards its heritage.


Open to both locals and internationals, our cultural programme is created in collaboration with artists, creatives, experts and enthusiasts, collectives and organisations, and works across all genres to transform our experiences through active participation and co-creation.


Valletta was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture 2018.

Meet the Team

Catherine Tabone

Catherine Tabone

Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas Micallef

Nicholas Micallef

Financial Controller

Alison Bone

Alison Bone

Head of Operations

Marouska Formosa

Marouska Formosa

Head of HR Management

Marc Buhagiar

Marc Buhagiar

Head of Communications

Jessica Muscat

Jessica Muscat

Head of Programming & Production

Kevin J. Drake

Kevin J. Drake

Artistic Director of the Strada Stretta Programme

Joanne Attard Mallia

Joanne Attard Mallia

Head of Valletta Design Cluster


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