A Space to Foster Growth and Innovation

Step into a world of innovation and inspiration at the Valletta Design Cluster (VDC), where we invite you to immerse yourself in the Maker-in-Residence (MIR) programme. This unique opportunity is designed for designers and makers seeking a stimulating environment to nurture their creative spirit, explore new ideas, carry out their research and develop groundbreaking projects.

The programme offers a dedicated workspace, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and resources, to bring your creative ideas to life. Unleash your imagination and experiment with various techniques, materials, and technologies to push the boundaries of your design practice.  At the end of the residency, share your project with a wider audience through a final event, talk, workshop, or exhibition. Engage with fellow creatives, industry professionals, and the public, showcasing the impact of your residency.

Find out more about the call at MakerInResidence2024 and click here to apply.