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Imnalla fl-aħħar ħriġna


Imnalla fl-aħħar ħriġna

The Strada Stretta Concept, operating under the Valletta Cultural Agency, is organising its next event after the pandemic, Imnalla fl-aħħar ħriġna on the 6th of August at 20.30. This unique music concert featuring some of Malta’s most talented musicians and vocalists will present a mix of different music styles.
Diverse musical genres; jazz, opera and għana will juxtapose one another during this event, which will take place at the junction of Strait Street and Old Theatre Street.
Imnalla fl-aħħar ħriġna, the brainchild of the artistic director Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci, boasts 13 performers in total. The troupe of Maltese Troubadours will be on guitars and vocals, joined by operatically trained vocalists Clare Ghigo, Charles Vincenti, Ken Scicluna and Louis Andrew Cassar. Other musicians include local jazz legend Sammy Murgo on saxophone, Joe ‘Bibi’ Camilleri on drums and Dominic Cutajar and Tom Armitage on piano.
To find out more information, follow the Strada Stretta Concept and the Valletta Cultural Agency on Facebook. Entrance to Imnalla fl-aħħar ħriġna is free and open to all.

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