*Nomenclatures denoting the male gender also include the female gender*
The VCA is a Government entity tasked with sustaining and strengthening the capital city’s vibrant cultural life through the creation of an annual programme of creative events developed in collaboration with artists and other Public Cultural Organisations. A legacy of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, the VCA also upholds standards of excellence in the coordination and organisation of cultural events in the city, while encouraging access and participation by a diverse audience.
The Agency is seeking applications from suitable candidates to perform duties as Executive (Makerspace and Business) as citied below. This post is on a full-time basis and is subject to a probational period of twelve (12) months.
The Executive (Makerspace and Business) forms part of the Valletta Design Cluster within the VCA and will be working under the supervision of the Head of the Valletta Design Cluster and the CEO.
**The main duties of the Executive (Makerspace and Business) are:**
To run the everyday operations within the Makerspace at the VDC in coordination with management and ensure cleaning, maintenance, repairs, supply of consumables, and the overall standards and state of operation of all equipment, tools and facilities at the Makerspace are kept in excellent condition.
To supervise projects carried out in the Makerspace and assist users via mentoring in executing research projects including scheduling of machine-time and resources.
To develop Standard Operating Procedures for the Makerspace at the VDC in collaboration with management and in consultation with the relevant expert advisors, with a view to providing clear guidance for management, users, and members, and with an emphasis on clear access and use guidelines, clear health and safety regulations, and clear communication of the same to all categories of users.
To support the Head of the VDC in the overall management, coordination, oversight and day-to-day running of the Makerspace at the VDC.
To support the Head of the VDC in the implementation of the VDC’s Research and Innovation Strategy and, coordinate and execute a programme of initiatives focused on the use of the Makerspace resources, with a view to ensuring a coherent, effective and enriching experience to the users ;
To coordinate the programming of the VDC with the management team, especially with the officers responsible for programming and community engagement, with a view to make the place accessible and safe for all.
To assist management to develop and implement a programme of induction sessions for users and members interested in the Makerspace and ensure that such courses are running on a regular basis during the year.
To ensure that access to the Makerspace at the VDC is provided on the basis of clear criteria linked to beginner, intermediate and advanced users’ status, in coordination with management.
To assist in the implementation of a pedagogical and outreach programme focusing on the resources of the VDC, including in the promotion of such a programme with relevant target users, members and beneficiaries.
To ensure that necessary resources are made available to users, management and other service providers when making use of the Makerspace in the provision of courses, mentorship sessions, workshops, study visits, and other activities and initiatives that would require the use of the Makerspace facilities at the VDC ;
To contribute to the overall VDC programming, outreach, on-site management and operations, by attending management meetings and contribute to research, outreach initiatives, projects (national and international), and collaboration with members, stakeholders and other partners to ensure the successful implementation of the same;
To ensure that on all matters relating to the Makerspace an open channel of communication is maintained with the service providers engaged by the VDC to provide input on research and innovation, and to contribute to the relevant processes through strategic, technical and practical contributions, as required, particularly in the areas of digital fabrication, robotics, interactive design, materials, and technology-based innovation;
To coordinate, and to serve as the main reference person within the VDC team, for all matters relating to the Makerspace, including coordination with the rest of the team with a view to assist in the fulfilment of the mission of the Valletta Design Cluster, which task shall include, among others, internal and stakeholder meetings, meetings with members, consultations, maintaining of databases and reference material linked to the Makerspace, its users and its operations, and other initiatives and events linked to the VDC’s user-centred programme.
Assist in the project’s community-building and networking efforts, on local, national and international levels, and support and develop links and relationships with the various stakeholders involved in the project.
To be actively aware of all collaborations and interactions that the VDC shall be developing with various partners, and to propose and assist in the development of healthy and fruitful new and ongoing partnerships and collaborations, with an emphasis on the role of the Makerspace and the resources it provides;
To represent the VDC on national and international fora and meetings and to contribute to such fora and meetings, under the guidance of the Head of the VDC;
To plan and contribute towards the strategic priorities of the VDC, in terms of design promotion activity, education-related initiatives, start-up support, internationalisation efforts, and related support and collaboration initiatives with the Malta-based design community and practitioners.
To assist the Head of the VDC in the monitoring, reporting, and related follow-up actions linked to the operations of the Makerspace, as well as to liaise with any relevant national and European entities in terms of project monitoring, reporting, and updates and other requested feedback;
Undertaking research as assigned by the Head of VDC and providing appropriate recommendations.
Carrying out any other duties as may be assigned by the CEO of the VCA or his/her representative.
The salary attached to the post of Executive (Makerspace and Business) shall be €25,656 per annum at Grade 5 within the Public Cultural Organisations Grading and Salary Structure raising by an annual increment of €531 up to a maximum of €28,843 (in 2021).
The chosen candidate will be entitled to a Disturbance Allowance of 15% per annum. Furthermore, a Performance Bonus up to a maximum of 10% per annum is included in the financial package.
Eligible applicants will be interviewed by a Selection Board to assess their suitability to carry out the duties mentioned above.
__**Eligibility requirements**__
By the closing time and date of this call for applications, applicants must be:
(a) citizens of Malta; or
(b) citizens of other Member States of the European Union who are entitled to equal treatment to Maltese citizens in matters of employment by virtue of EU legislation and treaty provisions dealing with the free movement of workers; or
(c) citizens of any other country who are entitled to equal treatment to Maltese citizens in matters related to employment by virtue of the application to that country of EU legislation and treaty provisions dealing with the free movement of workers; or
(d) any other persons who are entitled to equal treatment to Maltese citizens in matters related to employment in terms of the law or the above-mentioned EU legislation and treaty provisions, on account of their family relationship with persons mentioned in paragraph (a), (b) or (c); or
(e) third country nationals who have been granted long-term resident status in Malta under regulation 4 of the “Status of Long-Term Residents (Third Country Nationals) Regulations, 2006” or who have been granted a residence permit under regulation 18(3) thereof, together with family members of such third country nationals who have been granted a residence permit under the “Family Reunification Regulations, 2007”.
(f) persons in possession of a residence document issued in terms of the Residence Status of United Kingdom Nationals and their Family Members in Malta in accordance with the Agreement on the Withdrawal of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community Regulations.
The advice of the Department of Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs within the Identity Malta Agency should be sought as necessary in the interpretation of the above provisions.
The appointment of candidates referred to at (b), (c), (d), (e) and (f) above would necessitate the issue of an employment licence in so far as this is required by the Immigration Act and subsidiary legislation. Jobsplus should be consulted as necessary on this issue.
5.2. Applicants must by the closing date and time of submission of the application be in possession of a recognised:
Master’s qualification at MQF Level 7 (subject to a minimum of 60 ECTS/ECVET credits, or equivalent*) in a subject related to Design/ Technology, or a related comparable qualification plus one (1) year proven relevant work experience.
Bachelor’s qualification at MQF Level 6 (subject to a minimum of 180 ECTS/ECVET credits, or equivalent*) in a subject related to Design/ Technology, or a related comparable qualification, plus three (3) years proven relevant work experience.
*In the absence of documentary evidence as to the ECTS/ECVET credits or other system of measuring the course content, the selection board is to evaluate the submitted programme of study and determine that it is comparable to 60/180 ECTS/ECVET credits. The advice of the MQRIC may be sought.
5.3 Qualifications at a level higher than that specified above will be accepted for eligibility purposes, provided they meet any specified subject requirements.
Moreover, candidates who have not yet formally obtained any of the above-mentioned qualifications will still be considered, provided that they submit evidence that they have been approved for the award of the qualifications in question, or successfully completed the necessary ECTS/ECVETS credits, or equivalent, taken as part of a recognized higher MQF level program of study, as required in the afore-mentioned eligibility criteria, by the closing time and date of the call for applications.
5.4 Applicants must be of conduct which is appropriate to the position applied for (applicants who are already in the Malta Public Service must produce a Service and Leave Record Form (GP 47); those applying from outside the Service must produce a Certificate of Conduct issued by the Police or other competent authority not earlier than one (1) month from the date of application and state whether they have ever been in Government Service, giving details).
5.5 Applicants must be eligible to take up their due appointment, in terms of 5.1 to 5.4 above, not only by the closing time and date of this call for applications but also on the date of appointment.
5.6 The ideal candidate should have a flair for making and drive/ initiative, practical knowledge of digital rapid prototyping including: CNC routing, laser cutting and 3D printing, practical knowledge of 2D and 3D CAD software, be fluent in written and spoken English, knowledgeable of word processing and spreadsheet software as well as familiar with a workshop environment.
5.7 Knowledge of CAM software have a design/art/craft background, experience with digital fabrication would be desirable.
Certificates and/or testimonials, copies of which should be attached to the application or sent separately to the Head of HR Management at Valletta Cultural Agency, Exchange Buildings, Republic Street, Valletta or by email on hr@vca.gov.mt by not later than the closing date and time, must support qualifications and experience claimed.
Original certificates and/or testimonials are to be invariably produced for verification at the interview.
Applicant holding foreign qualifications are required to produce a recognition statement by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC) within the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE), which is to be obtained by submitting an online application for the recognition of qualifications at https://services.ncfhe.gov.mt/CertificationApplication.aspx. Such statement should be attached to the application and the original presented at the interview.
Persons registered with the National Commission for Persons with a Disability (NCPD) may be given reasonable accommodation in terms of Section 7 of the Equal Opportunities (Persons with Disability) Act (Chapter 413 of the Laws of Malta), even if they do not satisfy in full the requirements for this post, provided they can carry out, in essence, the duties related to the post applied for.
Representations in terms of this clause should be attached to the application form and supported with relevant documents which must also include documentary evidence of registration with the NCPD. Reasoned justifications should be given to substantiate the lack of full eligibility requirements and why reasoned considerations are merited.
All correspondence is to be addressed to the receiving entity and copied to the NCPD. 
Applications supported by the necessary documentation, which should include a motivation letter, a detailed Curriculum Vitae, a police conduct/ where applicable a Service and Leave Record Form (GP 47), are to reach the Head of HR Management, by hand or by post at Valletta Cultural Agency, Exchange Buildings, Republic Street, Valletta by not later than noon (Central European Time) of 14th July 2021. In the case of Public Service employees, these are to present their paid leave/unpaid leave/sick leave records for the last four (4) years, including any records of any disciplinary action that may have been taken (in the absence of such records it will be understood that no disciplinary action was ever taken). Scanned copies of the application and the relevant documentation sent electronically on hr.vca@vca.gov.mt are acceptable.
Applications received will be acknowledged with a receipt.
The chosen officer will be required to sign an undertaking signifying his commitment to the assignment for which he is selected.