The annual festival injects a green and colourful element in the Capital’s urban landscape. The festival’s main attraction, the infiorata, the flower installation synonymous with the Valletta Green Festival, is made up from some 50,000 plants and herbs, features the design of a frog in a 500 square metre area, highlighting habitat destruction of the Painted Frog, the only amphibian we have in Malta.

Unfortunately many places where frogs can be found are threatened by urbanisation. Its habitat is becoming extremely rare or even inexistent in localities where it once thrived. If this trend continues, Malta’s only amphibian might disappear from the Maltese islands. Other factors which threaten the species include lower precipitation, as well as the use of pesticides or other invasive species which are encroaching on its habitat.

This is why we must do our best to protect this species as much as possible.

The Valletta Green Festival will be taking place until Sunday 1st of May.

This festival is being held in collaboration with the Ministry for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government and the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise, Water be the Change, Ambjent Malta, ERA, Wasteserv and the Building and Construction Authority.