The design of the flower carpet should be based on the following theme which is relevant to the Environment both at a National and EU Level.
The selected theme is: ‘Shifting Gears’. As pedestrianised spaces, trees and green spaces increase in Valletta, it is time to start working on changing our approach to inter-city mobility in order to reach more sustainable targets. The promotion of more sustainable transport in a small city like Valletta would greatly reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution and lead to a better standard of living and experience overall.
__**HOW TO APPLY**__
Who can apply?
• Candidates that have reached 18 years of age at the time of the application;
• Candidates with a VAT number, or its equivalent, in their country of residence; the VAT number must be in place by the time the application is submitted.
How to apply:
• Submit your CV and Portfolio of works;
• Provide a brief description of the concept around which the design of the flower carpet will be created (max description 500 words);
• Provide a digital sketch of the flower carpet;
** The sketches submitted will only be considered for the purposes of the project in caption, the VCA will not have any rights to use the sketches that will not be selected.*
What happens if you are selected?
The selected applicant
• Receive a total and fully-comprehensive remuneration of Eur 700 (excl VAT)
• Be available to discuss and agree on a final sketch with the Agency
• Amend the design based on any agreed changes required
• Submit a final design with scaled measurements for use on Computer Aided Design software of each area which composes the design. Detailed measures will be provided to the selected candidate.
The sketch must
• Include a strong environmental message based on the selected theme
• Avoid repeating previous designs and themes
• Be in landscape format due to the shape of Pjazza San Gorg
• Be in colours which can be easily reproduced using potted flowers
• Allow for flexibility in changing colours, even at a late stage, depending on the growth of specific flowers. Whilst yellow, pink, white and purple flowers have been consistently reliable over the years, the only guaranteed colour is green.
At submission stage, only a sketch and a written concept to illustrate the idea is required, not the finished design.
We are looking for proposals that respond to one or more of the values of the Agency’s Cultural Programme. Priority will be given to applications which have and are:
• Concept & Design relevant to the selected theme; 10 points
• Relevance to one of the Agency 5 core values (as per below) 10 points
• Versatility of the design to adapt to any change of color scale 10 points
• Candidates must submit all the requested materials via email to the address
• Should files be too large to be shared via email we suggest you make use of the WeTransfer platform. Kindly make sure the transfer of documents is done within the terms of the deadline indicated below
• As this is a competitive process, the proposals received will be evaluated by a specifically-appointed panel according to the timeframes indicated below.
Deadline for submissions: Friday 13th August at noon. (Malta time). Late and incomplete applications will not be considered.
The artist/s must respect at all times all restrictions and regulations imposed by the authorities as a result of the current pandemic.
*Applications that will be missing any of the required information or attachments will not be considered. Late applications will also not be considered.
For any queries, please send us an email on