start date April 24, 2024
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FiftySix Design Talk

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Valletta Design Cluster

FiftySix Design Talk

An image showing participants at one of the Fifty Six Design Talks at the Valletta Design Cluster

Innovative Paths to Mobility

This April, FiftySix Design Talks is gearing up to take you on a journey through the lanes of design and technology, with a spotlight on how these elements are steering our cities towards more fluid and interconnected modes of movement. Featuring insights from Neil Baldacchino developer the GoNature VR App and Marco Filippi of Volvero, this edition promises to shift gears into how we envision and navigate our urban environments.

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Join us at the heart of contemporary design with Fifty Six Design Talks, a monthly talk series co-hosted by The Golden Glitch and the Valletta Design Cluster. The Fifty Six Design Talks series brings together designers, makers, artists and innovators to explore and discuss contemporary design practices.

Each event features two dynamic 14-minute presentations and Q&A sessions, providing a concise 56-minute deep dive into cutting-edge design practices. From sound design to fashion, game design to cutting edge new technologies and much more, these sessions spark vibrant discussions and networking opportunities. 

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Executive XpeedStudio LLC

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