start date March 14, 2022
map icon Valletta Design Cluster


14/03/2022 - 15/03/2022
10:30 PM - 12:30 AM
Valletta,Valletta Design Cluster


These design experts will present their experience in assisting service providers develop a successful service portfolio that has users’ needs at its core. This Talk will build on the experience the Valletta Design Cluster has gained through the Design4Innovation (Interreg Europe) project over the past five years, which has seen various European partners working collectively to support Small and Medium Enterprises in their regions through the use of design.

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Led by the award-winning author of 100 Conversations for Career Success, and CEO of the career management firm.

Executive XpeedStudio LLC

Sr. Engineer XpeedStudio LLC

Product Lead XpeedStudio LLC

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From the moment you embark on a job search, you are inundated with “do this, do that,” by well-intentioned friends and colleagues. But, all of those random

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