fuse, the collaborative public art exhibition taking place in the vicinity of the Valletta Design Cluster, explores, investigates, collaborates and implements a collective project with the communities in the immediate surroundings of the Valletta Design Cluster.

Over several months, the project built upon existing research on the Valletta Design Cluster, which building was previously known as il-Biċċerija, the communities that lived in the building and its surroundings, their traditions, identities and way of life.

This exhibition comprises of eight public art installations outside the newly opened Valletta Design Cluster – a building with over 400 years of history.

fuse is described by curator Elyse Tonna as a symbol of the community; a reflection of what it lacks, needs or wants.
Each component of the exhibition is a product of collaboration between the curator and the project development team, the respective community and the engaged artist/s; the latter absorbing narratives developed from the research phase and creatively moulding an object of art as a response.

Her background in architecture, helps her to integrate the context she is working in according to the nature and type of project.
The eight public art interventions build upon people’s stories while the project seeks to connect the art with the community.

fuse can therefore be interpreted as a reflection of what it lacks, needs or wants. It is divided into thematic areas: Reslilience, Transaction, Synergy, Intersection, Familiarity, Symbiosis, Displacement and Ritual.