A Sustainable Urban Development Project​​

Valletta Design cluster

The Valletta Design Cluster project was co-financed through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), as part of an investment in Sustainable Urban Development (OP1, Priority Axis 6).
The scope of this project included the restoration of the historic Old Abattoir building (il-Biċċerija l-Antika), its conversion into a community creative hub, resurfacing of the adjacent streets, and the creation of a publicly accessible rooftop garden.
The aim of the project was to restore the physical fabric of this heritage site, and transform it into a dynamic cultural and creative amenity for the lower Valletta community and for diverse communities beyond. By bringing communities together to empower creativity, entrepreneurship, and positive social impact, the project aims to enhance social cohesion and quality of life in Lower Valletta.
This investment results in the rehabilitation of approximately 3000m2 of community space, and enhancement of Malta’s social innovation, cultural engagement, and economic wellbeing.