The Valletta Cultural Agency is looking for participants for “FAFU_factuals for Future”.
We are looking for a group of 20 people who are interested in environment and conservation biology, but also interest in video and filmmaking.
This project, selected through InnovAiR@VDC, will be focusing on teaching a diverse group of adults in terms of age, gender, social and cultural backgrounds to produce short video-films reflecting about their personal environment, biodiversity and cultural diversity in Malta and beyond. The participants will be trained on how to research topics related to biodiversity in Malta and on how to use innovative digital storytelling formats graphics and simple animation tools to visualise environmental topics.
1. The **kick off event** will take place at Valletta Design Cluster on the 9th November 2022. The event will last 2 hours and it will consist of an introduction of the project and video screening.
2. **Workshop**: The training programme will take place at the Valletta Design Cluster and will include:
a. Theoretical research, set up of working groups, practical research around protagonists and locations, development of a treatment and a storyboard, filming, editing, distribution on different media platforms;
b. Introduction to open-source video editing tools like Wevideo, general video editing skills, storytelling, imagery and framing, and basics of lighting and sound and copyright issues;
After the 9 lectures, the participants are encouraged to apply what they have learned in the workshops in order to produce short films about biodiversity;
c. During this process the artists will coach and support the participants in individual sessions while producing these additional videos (approx. up to 5 minutes duration).
3. **Closing event**: screening with the selection of the results at the Valletta Design Cluster. The date and time are yet to be confirmed.
4. **Outcome**: The final movies will be published online with the aim to establish a Civic-Journalist channel. The videos will be published by the participants and the artists.
**How will it work?**
Participants will be asked to attend workshops designed to enable them to start with simple storytelling and gradually acquire skills. In parallel, the aspiring citizen journalists will practice digital techniques on topics such as environment and conservation biology.
**Who can apply?**
Anyone who has reached 18 years of age at the time of application. The selection is assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.
**When can you apply?**
Now! Deadline for submissions: Monday, 17th October 2022 at 17:00hrs (Malta time). Late applications will not be considered.
Would you like to know more? Send an email to