‘Refraction’ highlights connections between land and sea, focusing on what attracts people to the shoreline of the Fossa area. This is a play between photography and screen printing, through the ever changing textures and objects extracted from narratives linked to the area.

“The essence of our work always started from the stories that we heard and encountered … Eventually we were inspired by chiaroscuro and we decided to combine all the objects together to create one still life rather than have a number of individual images placed together”.

This intervention reflects on one of the nine curatorial thamatics of fuse, Intersection. Il-Fossa, the seaside area near the Biċċerija, is a point of intersection between land and sea, between communities from different parts of Valletta and between residents and visitors. The sea features the livelihoods of various individuals due to its various aspects. To the residents, il-Fossa serves as a quasi-extension of their homes because of the many possibilites it offers for leisurely activites such as swimming, diving, walks and social getherings. Il-Fossa was once home to Dolphin Kiosk known as Ta’ Fażulett, a snack bar synonymous with the smell of chips and hobż biż-żejt. The bar held regular teatrini, boxing games, fishing, tombola nights and invited its guests to dance to jukebox tunes.

Curated by Elyse Tonna, fuse is a collaborative visual arts and research project which explores and uncovers aspects of the intangible history and the intangible stories of the area.