The services of an Office Logistics Coordinator are required at the VCA, starting from April 2023 with an average of 40 hours of service per week.

The successful candidate shall enter into a Contract for Service for a period of 48 (forty-eight) months. The service shall be remunerated at €12 (excluding VAT) per hour for a total contract value not exceeding €115,000 (excluding VAT) over the duration of the Contract. Any other taxes or charges shall be borne by the successful candidate.

1        The Valletta Cultural Agency

The VCA is a Government entity that sustains and strengthens the Capital City’s vibrant cultural life through the creation of an annual programme of creative events developed in collaboration with artists and other Public Cultural Organisations. A legacy of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, the VCA also upholds standards of excellence in the coordination and organisation of cultural events in the city, while encouraging access and participation by a diverse audience.

2        Services Required

An Office Logistics Coordinator is required to manage office logistics at the Valletta Cultural Agency.

The Office Logistics Coordinator shall be required to liaise with the Agency’s staff to handle the logistic requirements of Valletta Cultural Agency office successfully, on time, within budget and according to the rules and regulations of the Agency and of Government.

The Office Logistics Coordinator will be required to work from 07:45 to 14:00 (no break) during the summer period, and from 07:45 to 17:45 (including a 45-minute break) during the winter period (breaks applicable).  Additional hours may be added in accordance to the exigencies of work.  Payment shall be affected in accordance to the hours worked.


3        Main Tasks

  • Provide general logistics services related to office operations of the Valletta Cultural Agency (including visitor management, safety and security);
  • Provide general messenger and driver services. This shall result in the need of a driving licence B1, B, C1, D1, BE, C1E, D1E;
  • Coordinate with the service providers of the Valletta Cultural Agency, as well as other government organisations and PCOs;
  • Take care of daily procurement requirements whilst abiding by the Public Procurement Regulations;
  • Coordinate with the Valletta Cultural Agency’s staff to ensure that deliveries and pickups of materials are made in a timely and efficient manner. This shall also entail maintaining in good order the VCA store which may include props, equipment, merchandise, stationery and other assets.  This shall involve the upkeeping of the stores database which to be regularly updated to feature input and output of stock from stores.  Other responsibilities include accountability of stores, checking of supplies, vetting correctness of invoices, coordination of deliveries and applying for any permits to enable suppliers to deliver the items in a narrow and busy road; including any parking permits with the local council for specific loading / unloading of items;
  • Dismantle and re-assemble office furniture and/or other similar items including the movement of such items to / from the stores;
  • Provide basic “handyman” services such as investigating faults in appliances or equipment, finding solutions to such problems, liaising with suppliers for the replacement, repair, fixing of such items, and reporting all issues which fall beyond his / her control to the Head of Operations in a timely manner;
  • Maintain a good working relationship with all service providers and employees involved in the Valletta Cultural Agency;
  • The Coordinator shall be the designated officer for first aid, office fire warden and occupational health and safety officer. This shall entail being proficient in First Aid, Basic Fire Awareness, Fire Warden Duties and Occupational Health and Safety as well as ensuring adequate and health working environment as per OHSA requirements and regular checking of fire equipment and first aid boxes;
  • Provide office duties via MS Word, MS Excel and MS Outlook as may be required;
  • Coordinate with regular pest control service provider and report any pest sightings to the pest control service provider;
  • Coordinate with cleaners any cleaning requirements whilst assisting with the general upkeep of the office;
  • Be present at the office and coordinate with service providers carrying out duties/ services within the VCA premises;
  • Carry out any other duties that may be assigned by the Chief Executive of the VCA or his / her representative.

The selected candidate will work mainly from the Valletta Cultural Agency office under the supervision of the Head of Operations.

4        Qualifications and Experience Required

  1. Interested applicants must be in possession of the following certificates and licences:
  • A valid driving licence B1, B, C1, D1, BE, C1E, D1E issued by local authorities;
  • A valid security licence issued by local authorities;
  • A valid certificate in Fire Fighting training programme is to be provided;
  • A valid certificate in Health and Safety at Work is to be provided;
  • A valid certificate in Emergency First Aid is to be provided.

    2. Interested applicants must be able to communicate in English and, preferably, also Maltese.

    3. It will be considered an asset for eligible applicants to be in possession of the following skills:

  • Excellent communications skills;
  • Excellent networking skills;
  • Ability to develop artistic concepts;
  • Proficient computer skills (MS Office and Outlook);
  • Strong attention to detail.

    4. It will be considered an asset for eligible applicants to be in possession of the following attributes:

  • Good understanding of the Creative and Cultural Sector;
  • Good understanding of the stakeholders of the VCA;
  • Good understanding of dealing with VIPs and other high-profile delegations;
  • Excellent coordination skills;
  • Clean police conduct;
  • Ability to work under pressure;
  • Good understanding of the Public Procurement Regulations;
  • A good understanding of Subsidiary Legislation 424.18 General Provision of Health and Safety at Work Places Regulations; specifically the duties of employer as listed in regulation nos. 4 and 5 of Subsidiary Legislation 424.18;
  • A good understanding of subsidiary legislation 424.15 – Work Place (Minimum Health And Safety Requirements); specifically the duties of the employer vis-à-vis first aid, fire detection, fire-fighting, evacuation of workers, serious and imminent danger as specified in Regulation no. 9 of Subsidiary Legislation 424.15;
  • A good understanding of Subsidiary Legislation 424.13 – Work Place (First Aid) Regulations; specifically, the equipment and facilities to be provided the employer as specified in Regulation No. 4 of Subsidiary Legislation 424.13;
  • A good understanding of basic fire awareness and fire warden duties;
  • A good understanding of health and safety; and
  • A good understanding of first aid.

    5. The eligible applicants shall comply with the following requirements:

  • Have own transportation means;
  • Have a mobile phone for unlimited communication with VCA staff and / or contractors during office hours;
  • Be smartly dressed and have adequate footwear and personal protective equipment or clothing as may be necessary and as required in local H&S regulations;


5        Applications

Interested applicants are required to send a motivation letter addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, together with a document outlining a brief explanation and methodology on how they are to achieve the objectives laid out in the Main Tasks section.  These documents, together with a CV and copies of certificates, are to be sent by email on: by not later than noon of 4th April 2023.  Late and / or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Shortlisted applicants will be asked to sit for an interview, which may be conducted over the internet.

The final selection shall be made on technical merit. It will be based on an analysis of the submitted documentation in line with the requirements of this call, and on the outcome of the interview.