start date April 8, 2021
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08/04/2021 - 16/04/2021
11:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Spazju Kreattiv,Valletta


This is a macabre theatrical work in which childhood fears mix with adult hardships; where the sacred transforms into a nightmare, and where the blood which oozes fom the ribs is shuddering, rather than redemptive. Vari is a play based on Trevor Zahra’s novel Vari which was first published in the collection Lubien in 1995.

The play is produced and directed by Joseph Galea and Carlos Farrugia with original music by Alex Vella Gregory. It is supported by the Valletta Cultural Agency.

Creative Team

Script – Trevor Zahra
Production & Direction – Joseph Galea u Carlos Farrugia
Cast – Joseph Galea , Carlos Farrugia, Grecia Bezzina, Christine Francalanza, Petra Camilleri u Alexia Micallef
Music Director – Alex Vella Gregory
Projections – Mad About Video
Lights Design – Adrian D. Bartolo
Technical Operators – Ryan Galea u Holger Camilleri
Stage Manager – Marjana Saliba
Production Assistant – Preston Carbonaro
Make-up – Agnes Pace
Costumes – Carmen Zammit u Carolyne Portelli

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