start date December 18, 2020
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Red Electrick in Concert outside Valletta’s Bibliotheca

Republic Square, under the Arches near the Bibliotheca,Valletta

Red Electrick in Concert outside Valletta’s Bibliotheca

This event will take place in Republic Square, under the Arches near the National Library of Malta (Bibliotheca) in Valletta, on Friday 18th December at 7pm.

This is a special concert for Red Electrick, during which the band will release its latest Christmas 2020 song together with Luke Chappell.
This is another initiative by the Valletta Cultural Agency during a most difficult year for artists.

The new single, Christmas Time With You, is about putting down our phones for one day and spending time with loved ones while enjoying the family spirit. It hints about the fact that we are consumed by social media and what other people are doing, that once in a while it’s healthy to focus on and appreciate what we have.

Christmas Time With You is written by Joe Roscoe and Luke Chappell, with music by Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur, Joe Roscoe, Peter Borg and Ivan Borg. The song is produced and mixed by Peter Borg at Railway Studios.

As part of the 90-minute-concert, several of Red Electrick’s favourites including; Dive In, Young Again, Paul, The Runaway, G.o.r.g.e.o.u.s, New Day, Right Here and Who the Heck is Rek, will be performed.

Due to mitigation measures to combat COVID-19, you are kindly requested to send an email to to book your place for this event. Tickets are free of charge.

Visit the Valletta Cultural Agency [Facebook page] or website ( for a full programme of events.

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