start date November 26, 2022
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26/11/2022 - 27/11/2022
Strada Stretta,Valletta


A tribute event, celebrating the music of Astor Piazzolla (1921 – 1992) and the Argentinian Tango: PIAZZOLLA, PUSE’, PLUS+, will see multi-instrumentalist and violin virtuoso George Curmi “il-Puse’“ perform some of the renowned composer’s best-loved works, along with other Tango-inspired music by Gardel, Joanne Martin, Villoldo Arroyo, Pineda, Almaran, as well as Curmi’s own original work.
The artists and musicians involved in this performance include Curmi on violin and saxophone, Hilda Curmi and Miriana Curmi on vocals, Bernard Curmi on violin, Joseph Curmi on percussion, Yuri on accordion, Kyle Drakard on guitar and sitar as well as Daniel Zak Borg on piano. All the Curmis performing on the night are members of the same “Puse’“ family: George and his wife Hilda, their daughter and two sons.
PIAZZOLLA, PUSE’, PLUS+ will be held at the Embassy Valletta Hotel in Strait Street on Saturday the 26th of November at 8:00pm. Entrance is free.
The event is part of the Valletta Cultural Agency’s (VCA) Strada Stretta programme.

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