start date April 2, 2022
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Mozart’s Requiem

02/04/2022 - 03/04/2022
VALLETTA,St Dominic's Basilica

Mozart’s Requiem

This choral masterpiece will be conducted by Lawrence Renes with the participation of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and the 40-strong choir of the Accademia Nazionale di St Cecilia, one of the oldest musical institutions in the world.

A number of international soloists including soprano Hanna Husáhr, mezzo soprano Rihab Chaieb, tenor Toby Spence and bassist Karl Magnus Fredriksson will participate in this unique production which takes place under the musical direction of Maltese-Dutch conductor Lawrence Renes at St Dominic’s Basilica, Valletta at 20:00.

Mozart composed part of the Requiem in Vienna in late 1791, but it was unfinished at his death on 5 December the same year. A completed version of Mozart’s Requiem dated 1792 by Franz Xaver Süssmayr was delivered to Count Franz von Walsegg, who commissioned the piece for a requiem service to commemorate the anniversary of his wife’s death on 14 February. Mozart’s “Masonic funeral music” was composed in 1785. This is a short but extremely poignant work, considered one of Mozart’s absolute masterpieces, but rarely performed due to the uniqueness of its original orchestration.

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This project is supported by Air Malta, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Gomerino Hotel, Valletta.

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