start date September 23, 2021
map icon Valletta

Ma’ Nżul ix-Xemx

23/09/2021 - 03/10/2021
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Saint Augustine Church Underground, Valletta,Valletta

Ma’ Nżul ix-Xemx

Held through a collaboration between I+A (Malta) and Singal Alpha (China), Ma’ Nżul ix-Xemx guides visitors through a journey through sensory similarities between the two cities which, at first glance may appear to be totally different from each other.

Taking place in the Underground of St Augustine’s Church in Valletta (entrance from Old Mint Street), the exhibition is open from the 23rd September until the 2nd October, between 11am and 10pm. ‘Meet the Artists’ sessions are being organised on the 1st October and 2nd October at 7pm during which the artists provide a tour and explanation of the concept behind the artistic works.

The four individual works of art as part of the exhibition create a deconstructive version of these two cities.

The 4 works of Art are:

City Steps
An audiovisual installation that aims to present distinct auditory cues from Valletta and Beijing.

Cityscape aims to build on City Steps by taking auditory-visual cues to create a sensory experience that fuses Valletta and Beijing into one Cityscape

Memory Chamber
Memory Chamber will connect the visitors with inanimate objects which represent the capital cities of Malta and China.

Sunset Field
The concluding installation will be Sunset field; a contemplative space where two sunsets reacting in sync will represent a sunset in Valletta and a sunset in Beijing.

*LED lights and other effects will be used throughout the animations.*

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