start date May 5, 2023
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Esyllt Lewis Residency Event

Valletta Design Cluster,Valletta Design Cluster

Esyllt Lewis Residency Event

Artist Esylly Lewis reading at the Valletta Design Cluster

Join us as artist-in-residence Esyllt Angharad Lewis showcases works at the Valletta Design Cluster!

As a first language Welsh speaker, the multi-media artist explores the overlaps and things we can learn from different languages, particularly the minority language context with regards to climate and vice versa.

When considering the possibilities of language as a visual medium, the work of Esyllt Angharad Lewis questions the extent to which communication and translation boundaries can be played with, across languages, media and processes. By exploring tensions between spoken and visual languages, and questions related to performing identity, Esyllt uses her speaking voice as well as body language to explore the sound of language, specifically Welsh in relation to English, through language itself, visual properties, sound pieces, performance, print work and installation. During her residency in Malta, she will be focusing on drawing, translating and writing, producing visual work as well as written responses to bilingual culture.

Join the conversation with Esyllt and learn more about the process and thought behind her works on Friday 5th May at 6PM at the Cluster Roof Garden as she exhibits and performs works created during her residency using different mediums.

This residency is a collaboration with Inizjamed as part of Ulysses’ Shelter 3, a project co-funded by the European Union through the Creative Europe programme.

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