start date November 27, 2021
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Capitol Cinema – Vintage Reels

27/11/2021 - 28/11/2021
Bibliotheca, Valletta,Valletta

Capitol Cinema – Vintage Reels

Director Hannibal Publius Scicluna, informed of an imminent visit by Mrs Thomson, wife of Capt. Thomson of the 1st Submarine Flotilla currently docked at the Grand Harbour, decides to create a special event in an effort to impress his visitor. Knowing of her love of film, but unsure of her taste, he decides to create two nights at the Library wherein Mrs Thomson can enjoy a warm welcome with a drink, music and some of the best films produced in recent years. A Chaplin fan himself, he is proud to have obtained a copy of the 1915 short, ‘The Tramp’, which he pairs with Buster Keaton’s ‘The General’ from 1923 for a side-splitting comedy night on the Friday. But, just in case comedy is not to her taste and to show off his knowledge of world cinema, he organises a second night of horror with the likes of ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ and the German film ‘The Cabinet of Dr Caligari’ on the Saturday.

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