start date February 28, 2022
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Bejn Sema u Ilma

28/02/2022 - 31/05/2022
1:30 PM - 1:30 PM
South Street,Valletta

Bejn Sema u Ilma

Bejn Sema u Ilma is inspired by the Grand Harbour and the sea that surrounds and defines Valletta. The piece, which is 40m long, uses metal and fabric in colours that mimic the changing shades of the sea as waves form on our shores to create the illusion of water hanging overhead.

Much like our sheltered Grand Harbour protects the bay, a rigid metal mesh holds the piece hanging in the air over the city, protecting it. The long pieces of felt that lie still on a calm day and move frantically in the wind mirror the state of the sea at that point in time in our harbours and pays tribute to the role of the wind in this shift. This same movement hides and reveals the coloured rope lights that both help define the shape of the waves and hint at the richness to be found in the depths of our seas.

Special thanks go to Maria-Pia, Marianne, Cedric, Salvatore and Tonya – the Valletta Design Cluster Members whose assitance made this installation come to life.

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