start date January 15, 2021
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Beethoven at Home

12:00 AM - 1:00 AM
Valletta Homes,Valletta

Beethoven at Home

The Beethoven at Home project invites Valletta residents to host conductor and pianist Brian Schembri in their own home as he presents one of Beethoven’s most important masterpieces, the Hammerklavier sonata. These performances will take place in residential houses, celebrating Beethoven’s memory; his company and music being enjoyed, admired and felt by those around him, during an evening at home with friends and family.
As this is a series of performances within residential spaces, the exact address of the performance venue will be communicated after a ticket is purchased, and, to instil the intimate feeling of a living room setting at the event, seats are limited. This will aid us in sustaining our efforts to limiting the spread of COVID-19. We will be following the regulations currently in place such as maintaining physical distancing, sanitisation and other prevention measures such as mask wearing, and therefore we kindly ask prospective patrons to join us in following these guidelines.
We join our hosts in welcoming you to a wonderful night of classical music.
Please note that:
– the discussion with the artist following the event will be conducted in English,
– the event is not wheelchair accessible, as all the venues require use of stairs,
– as the event will be held in residential spaces, caution is advised in case of pet allergies,
– the exact location for the event will be communicated via email after ticket purchase.

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