At just over 450 years since its foundation in 1566, Valletta cannot claim to be ancient, but it has reached a venerable age. And this dignity of old age is felt, making it one of its endearing, if often, challenging characteristics. The city is the product of nearly five centuries of construction and destruction, opulence and depression, adjustment and stability. Because it is a living space, where old and new are intimate, if not always consensual bed mates, what happens in Valletta does not stay in Valletta, and often generates heated debate. The occasion afforded by Valletta taking on the mantle of ‘European Capital of Culture’ for 2018 (V18) inspired various initiatives from many quarters. The establishment of the Valletta Cultural Agency shows a welcome commitment by the Maltese authorities to foster a genuine legacy, one that promises to take forward the achievements of V18 and encourage the conception and growth of many others.