EIT Urban Mobility Hub

Valletta Design Cluster

The collaboration between the Valletta Cultural Agency and EIT Urban Mobility is going to continue in 2023 through the work of the EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub Malta, jointly run by the VCA, MCAST and Project Aegle Foundation. While keeping on providing support to businesses, educational and research entities active locally in sustainable mobility, the Hub will focus its 2023 activities on engaging with local citizens and youths to promote sustainable ways to travel on our islands.


InnoCap is another project within the EIT Urban Mobility Hub which aims to promote innovation and capacity building in the areas of urban mobility in Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Malta and Greece. This program will have the following events:

· Mobilithon – urban mobility challenges launched by cities where citizens are called to propose solutions;

· Ambassadors program to promote the EIT Urban Mobility activities.

The goal of the program is to foster the collaboration between cities and individuals/ students, for the development of collaborations or partnerships.